Bush meets the beach at Broadbeach music festival

26 Jun


By Rachel Ng and Andrew James, Bond University journalism students

Broadbeach visitors traded their thongs and board shorts for cowboy boots and Wranglers at the first Broadbeach Country Music Festival last weekend.

The organisers of the event, Broadbeach Alliance Limited, said that the festival exceeded their expectations with tens of thousand of people attending.

Gold Coast resident Patricia Wegeener said there were few opportunities to enjoy live country music on the Gold Coast.

“It’s about time they got some country music coming to the Gold Coast,” she said.

The festival featured more than 30 artists including James Blundell, Tania Kernaghan, Sunny Cowgirls and the multi-award winning Chris E. Thomas.

Country performer Roo Arcus and his guitarist Dale Juner said the organisers did a great job.  

“Good crowd, friendly people. We played two really good shows here, had a lot of fun,” said Roo. 

Owner of Gold Coast Line Dancers Liz Collett said the festival was only going to get bigger and better every year.

“We love country and a lot of people haven’t been exposed to country music,” she said.

“They’re only realising now how good it is.”

Broadbeach Alliance said that due to the success of the festival, next year’s event had already been confirmed for June 20-22.

Patricia Wegeener is already excited about next year’s event.

“Next year I’ll be here with my boot scootin’ boots and my hat on, ready to YEEHAW,” she said.

For more information and details for the future Broadbeach Country Music Festival go to http://www.broadbeachcountry.com

Caption: Liz Collett and the Gold Coast line dancers performing in the street. 


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