Gold Coast gets new internet TV show

3 Jul


By Maddison Leonard and Uma Madan, Bond University journalism students

The Gold Coast Arts Centre will host a new music, entertainment and game TV series created and presented by Gold Coast jazz singer Bec Whitehead.

TV Head starts on July 4 and is a show that highlights national and international singers and entertainers in The Basement of the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

Organiser and host Bec Whitehead said that the show would provide a platform where artists could showcase their talent to a live audience and be streamed around the world.

“This will be a new internet-based TV series”, she said.

“Independent and individual women like Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah represent American daytime TV – I don’t think we really have a day time show like that in Australia.”

“I am hoping to achieve a similar show with a positive vibe – I want to make people laugh, smile and have fun in life, because that’s how I feel we should be living” Bec said.

Gold Coast jazz singer Jake Meywes said that among its other aspects, the series would show live performances and interviews by international artists.

“I am the first feature artist on the show, and I will be showcasing myself to a live audience with a five-piece band,” he said.

“Each artist will also be interviewed by Bec, which will give the audience an opportunity to see some insight as to not only what they do as a performer, but who they are.”

Bec said she hoped to feature sports stars, local celebrities and other people of interest on the show, sharing the stories and talent of the Gold Coast.

TV Head starts at 7.30pm and tickets are $10 and are available through

Caption: TV Head poster


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