Griffith University opens $150 million health centre

10 Jul


By Maggie Gray, Bond University journalism student

The Griffith University Health Centre opened its doors this week to Gold Coast residents and visitors seeking a comprehensive array of health care services.

The $150 million health centre is the Gold Coast’s first multi-disciplinary health care training facility, with medicine, physiotherapy, psychology, dentistry and oral health services all available in the same building.

While the new health centre represents Griffith University’s largest investment in a single building in 40 years, Director of Clinical Services at Griffith University Jenny McDonald said that it’s all about the people.

“I believe that the ethos and the culture that we have here is about being people focused and actually having the patient or the client’s family as being the centre of our care,” she said.

“You can have a $150 million building, but at the end of the day, it’s actually about the people.”

As Director of Clinical Services, Ms McDonald said the centre had been equipped with numerous state of the art facilities, which have created an ideal environment for hands-on clinical training of doctors, nurses and other future health professionals.

One of the purposes of the new centre is to help educate health students in primary health care, by actually being able to undertake clinical practice experience during their training,” she said.

With the centre in only its second day of operation, dental patient Anne-Marie James was already praising the virtues of the new dental clinic.

“It has been a very positive experience and I feel very grateful to have been treated here, and since I am a Queensland Health patient, I receive all treatment free of charge,” she said.

“I will definitely recommend the Griffith University Health Centre to my family and friends, as it is professionally run and now has a huge range of health services available.

“Unlike private health care facilities, the Griffith health centre actually puts people first.”

With the $1.76 billion Gold Coast University Hospital scheduled to open later this year, Ms McDonald said that the Griffith Health Centre would work in tandem with the hospital, creating a new health hub on the Gold Coast focused on study, research, and rehabilitation.

The Gold Coast University Hospital will be opening in September and we see us (Griffith University Health Centre) playing a vital role in terms of post-discharge support and care and also in the rehabilitation side of patient care,” she said.

Caption:Director of Clinical Services Jenny McDonald with Dental student Li Qi Lai at the new Griffith University Health Care Centre


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