Pet owners endure lack of housing

10 Jul


By Rachel Ng and Emily Norman, Bond University journalism students

Locals are struggling to find pet-friendly rental properties on the Gold Coast and are worried about giving up their pets as a consequence.

Brooke Whitney, communications manager  for the Animal Welfare League’s re-housing centre, said one of the biggest reasons pets were surrendered to the league was a lack of pet-friendly accommodation.

“With the accommodation situation we have a lot of people who choose not to reclaim their pets from us in order to stay in their accommodation,” she said.

“If more landlords allowed pets we would definitely see a decrease in the numbers of pets surrendered to us.”

Manager of The Reserve Apartments in Varsity Lakes John Knipe said he had dealt with owners who had no objection to pets and others who do.

“Some objections I have heard with cats is that they tend to urinate on the carpets and the smell is very difficult to remove,” he said.

“Another is that if the owners work, the animals are kept locked up all day which is considered cruel.”

Manager of Central Park Apartments in Varsity Lakes John Connelly said the complex was pet-friendly.

“It falls upon the owners to decide whether or not they want pets in their rental apartments,” he said.

“But most of them do not support the idea of pets in their property.”

University student Kirra Manning said she had tried to find accommodation close to the Bond University campus in Robina but could not find an affordable place to rent that allowed her dog to stay with her.

“Fletcha has been with my family for about 10 years,” she said.

“I’m only first semester and travelling hasn’t been too bad but I find it frustrating that landlords won’t allow pets.

“I can’t imagine ever giving him up so I guess I’ll have to just spend an extra 20 minutes going to work and university instead of living closer.”

Caption: Finding accommodation that takes pets can be a frustrating experience on the Gold Coast.


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