Coast model struts world stage

30 Oct


By Chloe Henderson, Bond University Journalism Student

The Gold Coast’s Laura Evans is ready to strut on her way onto the international modelling stage.

At only 17, Laura Evans is already a rising star in the modelling industry since signing with one of Australia’s leading agencies, Vivien’s.

Laura has only been modelling for a year yet already many local and international brands and magazines are already using her in widespread campaigns and editorials.

“I started modelling for Cupcake Fashion, which led on to bigger brands such as Black Milk Clothing, Napoleon Perdis, Verge Girl, GHD, Samvara, Goddess of Babylon, Museology, Beginning Boutique, Fiesta Swimwear and many others,” said Laura.

“I have done major campaigns for City Beach and White Sands Swimwear, which is the same brand Kendall Jenner modelled for.”

Laura has also been featured in  magazine spreads throughout the world, with one claiming that she’s the model to watch.

“I’ve recently shot for What The Fashion magazine based in Russia and also for a California-based magazine called What Youth. I have also been listed in local magazines like Ocean Road and have been listed as a model ‘on the rise’ and ‘one to watch’ by Gold Coast Magazine.

“However, my biggest achievement was making the front cover of a New York magazine named Element.”

The Gold Coast teen has been compared to famous models such as Cara Delevingne.

“I aspire to be like Cara…. I love her… people do say we look alike, and that’s a huge compliment because she’s made it,” said Laura.

Although she’s young, Laura has big international plans.

“I really want to travel the world, go to Europe and America and conquer the huge fashion capitals.

“My top goal is to model for Chanel and Victoria’s Secret.”


Her agency says she’s had a huge positive impact on the modelling world and has a long career to come.

“In a small market…. with a limited amount of work…Laura has somehow become a full-time working model. It may be a cliché but Laura is the epitome of the ‘not just a pretty face’ expression and she will continue to succeed. We have absolutely no doubt that Laura has a long career ahead of her,” said Vivien’s.

Laura has recently signed a three-month modelling contract in Korea and she will be jetting out in the coming weeks.

“I can’t wait to get over there and establish myself. It’s a really exciting opportunity. I’m off to follow my dreams.”


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