GC 600 helps boost business

30 Oct

By Julia Buntine, Bond University Journalism Student

Construction of the light rail was put on hold for the three days of the GC 600 due to the V8 race car events last weekend in Surfers Paradise, giving local businesses a boost.

Local newsagency owner Greg White of Elkhorn Avenue said that foot traffic had increased from when the GC 600 construction began and the light rail construction was put on hold.

“I estimate my turn over increased 25% over the three days the light rail work stopped,” said Greg.

“People seemed to be a lot happier; I wish it was always like this.”

Tourist numbers on the Gold Coast suggest an influx of young people from southern states sought out the Gold Coast as a destination for sun and fun.

Melbourne University student Emma Stewart, 22, arrived on the Gold Coast last Thursday for the weekend event and to have a break from study.

“Getting around town has been a little bit annoying but you can tell it’s going to look really cool once it (the light rail) is finished,” said Emma.

“We have trams similar in St Kilda and my friends and I have used them quite a bit.”

The construction of the light rail is six months behind schedule with construction  due to be completed in 2015.


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