We’re bikers, not bikies, say social riders

30 Oct

By Justin Dowling, Bond University Journalism Student

Members of the Gold Coast Cruiser Club say they are fed up with being labelled as “bikies” after police ramp up their clampdown on outlaw motorcycle gangs.

Bikers, who consider themselves social riders, say they aren’t happy they are continually being lumped in with bikies.

Gold Coast Cruiser Club member Bob Collins said he is frustrated with being rendered a criminal motorcycle gang member.

“I’m fed up with the media sensationalising social bikers,” he said.

“Bikers are considered guilty by association, but there is no association. The only similarity we share with bikies is that we ride a motorcycle.”

Despite the common misconception of the difference between bikers and bikies, police are well aware of the difference.

“Before we go out on a ride we notify the police of who we are, where we are going, what we are doing and why we are doing it,” Mr Collins said.

“They appreciate the notification and it generally prevents us from being pulled over and questioned.”

Members of the public are puzzled by the generalisation that bikers are bikies.

Gold Coast local Cruz Adams said there was a distinct difference and the media should clear up any confusion.

“It is sad how bikers are riding for charity and making a valuable contribution to society, but are being portrayed as tough, law-breaking citizens,” he said.

“Everyone that drives a car isn’t a hoon and everyone who rides a motorcycle isn’t a bikie.”


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