Younger approach to Schoolies education

13 Nov
Kerry Nielson, Varsity College Guidance Counsellor.

Kerry Nielson, Varsity College Guidance Counsellor.

By Tijana Jakovac, Bond University Journalism Student

Varsity College has taken a different approach in the lead up to Schoolies week by bringing in a former student to speak from experience.

Schoolies starts next week and Varsity has invited back Annika Fraser, who is now a Bond University psychology post-graduate.

“In this day and age students are confronted with much more adult themes at a younger age and it can be hard for them to know the right ways to manage situations that might be confronting for them,” said Annika.

Annika left school three years ago and the idea was to have someone closer to school age talk to students.

“I believe that this is a very positive way to prepare students for schoolies as it is much easier for them to relate to people closer to their own age,” she said.

According to statistics, scare tactics are an ineffective way to communicate a message to students.

Topics covered ranged from sensible alcohol consumption, safe sex, looking after peers, the red frog service, registration and contracts, organised activities and more.

Kerry Nielson, Varsity College Guidance Counsellor, encouraged the new approach.

“The basic presentation format was to give a case scenario from the presenter’s real live, identify issues and give appropriate and relevant information and strategies to deal with them,” said Mrs Nielson.

Varsity College had based the workshop according to the best practice guidelines from Education Queensland’s alcohol and other drugs education policies, which are strongly centred on the harm minimisation model.

Parents can at times fear over exposure of their children to inappropriate behaviours and conduct however with the correct education and support the school leavers are better prepared for future scenarios be it positive or negative.

Schoolies overall is a celebration and when undertaken responsibly and appropriately, it should be a fond memory for them to look back on as they enter the real world.


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