Aussie Doritos ad ‘too gross’ for US, tops 4 million online views

20 Feb


By Louise Verschaeren, Bond University Journalism Student

Bond graduate Belinda Dean’s Doritos commercial just missed out winning a competition at the recent Superbowl in the US, but with almost four million online views ‘Finger Cleaner’ is the most-watched ad of the annual contest.

Anyone was able to submit a 30-second Doritos ad for online voting.  The top five finalists were then selected and their makers sent to New York to view the winning commercials aired at the Superbowl earlier this month.

The winner took home $1,000,000 and a shared opportunity to work on the set of Marvel’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron with the runner up, both decided by the public and Doritos.

Finger Cleaner didn’t take either prize, but the top five entry was named the most viewed ad of the competition. Producer Belinda Dean said the success is credited to creating an entertaining piece of content.

“The ad is funny, but it’s gross funny, it’s sharable and I think that loads of people send it to their friends and show others to see their reaction,” she said.

“We’re edging towards four million views and it goes up by several thousand every day.

“Though we didn’t screen at the Superbowl, many people are still talking about it, which is a fantastic ongoing response.”

The commercial gained mixed interest from Australian and American voters for its ‘gross’ storyline, in which a factory worker has his Doritos-encrusted finger ‘cleaned’ in a machine.

Director Tom Noakes said the ad was initially inspired by imaginative ways to deal with Doritos sticking to your fingers.

“I wanted to create a magical machine, like something out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, that would clean your fingers in this really cool, magical way,” he said.

“Then I decided it might be funnier if it wasn’t so magical.”

Ms Dean said the commercial was humorous and not to be taken seriously by audiences.

“We know that’s not how you clean your fingers post Doritos, but because of the odd nature of the situation shown, we were expecting a lot of laughs,” she said.

“A huge percentage of the population got it and joined in the joke, and a percentage didn’t.

“Not everyone has the same sense of humour.”

Finger Cleaner was the only Australian ad featured in the top five, in the first year the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest has been open to global entries.

Ms Dean said being the only Australian submission in the top five meant the team had to run a campaign to grab both Australian and American attention.

“It would have been better to get more American media coverage on national or local news shows, just to be in front of that huge resource,” she said.

“There was a funny moment when the guys on the US Today Show played all the other finalists, but censored ours because they thought it wasn’t suitable for morning television… we had over 300,000 views that day.

“We really did our best to try and win it, if not for us, for Australia. One of the main angles we worked to try and get the country voting.”

To view the commercial visit


Caption: Sam Glissan as Billy in the 2014 Doritos ‘Finger Cleaner’ Commercial


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