Coast athlete closer to her dream of being a Hockeyroo

20 Feb
Sarah Gasmier practises her skills in hope to one day make the Australian Hockeyroos.

Sarah Gasmier practises her skills in hope to one day make the Australian Hockeyroos.

By Dannielle Murray, Bond University Journalism Student 

Gold Coast girl Sarah Gasmier is one step closer to her dream of representing Australia in the Hockeyroos.

Sarah was chosen for the 30-person Australian Junior Futures hockey team, which toured Canberra in December.

Sarah said that it was an amazing feeling knowing she was the only defender in Queensland who was selected for the Futures Team.

The team stayed at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), where they were treated like professional athletes with the potential to excel into the Australian Hockeyroos.

“We ate, slept, trained and played like professional athletes,” she said.

“We were told we were accepted as a part of the Hockeyroo family and that’s when I realised my dreams were in reach.”

In Canberra, Sarah gained rich experience, being trained by five coaches who had all represented Australia in Hockey.

Queensland Academy of Sport and Junior Futures coach Desmond King said a positive attitude and the ability to execute essential and specialist skills under pressure are key aspects of a successful hockey player.

“Successful players should be athletically capable of playing at speed and to be able to repeat high intensity efforts,” he said.

In preparation for the tour Sarah trained five nights and two mornings per week, working on strength, fitness and skills.

Sarah’s passion for hockey came from her parents, who have both represented Australia in the over 30 Vet team.

Sarah said she was always at the hockey fields, picked up a stick and loved it from then on.

Sarah’s mother Heather Gasmier said she wasn’t surprised at Sarah’s success on the field.

“She had shown a great talent, her hard work has paid off and we are extremely proud of her,” she said.

Sarah said she was devoted to following her dream.

“I guess if you want something bad enough, you just have to strive for it and never give up,” she said.


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