RSPCA desperate for carers to help with homeless animals

20 Feb
Foster care co-ordinator Melissa Martin cuddles one of the homeless animals.

Foster care co-ordinator Melissa Martin cuddles one of the homeless animals.

By Ben Murphy, Bond University Journalism Student

RSPCA Gold Coast desperately needs more foster carers as they struggle to find temporary homes for abandoned and injured animals.

Staff have been forced to rely on a dwindling carer database due to a constant turnover of volunteers.

A post-Christmas influx of animals has also put an additional burden onto already limited resources.

Gold Coast Adoption and Foster Care Co-ordinator Melissa Martin said that when volunteer numbers are low it places a huge strain on their operations.

“We have one foster carer who is currently looking after five kittens all from different litters,” she said.

“We need additional foster carers as the more volunteers we have, the more animals we can re-home.”

RSPCA Gold Coast currently re-home around 130 animals a year, but would like to see that number increase.

On average animals are housed in foster care for four weeks, with about 30% permanently adopted by their carers.

Volunteer foster carer Gillian Martyr said that she has temporarily housed up to five cats at once, and would highly recommend the experience.

“I think I get more out of it than the animals,” she said.

“Free entertainment, lots of cuddles, and they’re just so innocent.

“I find it very rewarding.”

As part of joining the program all food, bedding, toys, and other animal requirements are supplied by the RSPCA.

For more information on becoming a volunteer foster carer, visit


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