Businesses respond to hipster trends

27 Feb
Maddi Merrigan welcomes customers outside That Shop  on James Street.

Maddi Merrigan welcomes customers outside That Shop on James Street.

By Kim Robbins and Tennyson Tostee, Bond University Journalism Students

Hipster culture and fashions are a growing trend on the Gold Coast with businesses such as That Shop on James Street and Alfred’s Apartment responding to the sub-culture’s needs.

That Shop in Burleigh Heads harks back to women’s fashions popular in the 1950s and ‘60s, but with an edgier and sometimes darker feel, while Alfred’s Apartment caters to a new breed of surf-orientated urbane men.

Gold Coast resident Ali Gordon said she liked the unique feel of That Store in James Street for its floral patterns, corset dresses and crossbones prints.

“This style is making a comeback,” she said. “I’ve seen these floral patterns and high-waisted skirts in stores like Supre and Dissh. I’m all about it.”

Employees at That Shop strive to help customers around Australia find the best vintage look that fits for them through their online presence.

Retail assistant Maddi Merrigan said that the employees who work at That Shop are always working with customers to help them find their best look.

“We supply to the ladies who don’t feel as comfortable in the whole Australian look,” she said.

Alfred’s Apartment at Mermaid is a unique concept created by members of the iconic Neilsen family and is described as ‘the gentlemen’s store that provide’s a one-stop shop for all the modern male’s needs. From getting a clean shave, a trimmed cut, to shaping a new board or  strapping on a new button-down’.

The store is a combined retail, barber and café and has proven a hit with young men and women.


Kris, Danny and Matt Neilsen founded the store in light of a heritage that stems from their father Paul Neilsen, the 1971 Surfing World Champion and co-founder of multimillion-dollar surfing entity Brothers Neilsen.

“It’s important to us at Alfred’s Apartment to show a true reflection of the business’s roots instead of something manufactured or driven by a big organisation,” said Kris.

“We are a tiny player in the whole scheme of things, but it’s hugely important that we showcase Alfred’s Apartment for it’s true heritage as the realness of what we have is what will make the place stand alone.”

For more information on Alfred’s Apartment visit

For more information on That Shop, visit the Facebook page at


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