Pindara Hospital magazine an Australian first

13 Mar
Pindara marketing manager Robbie Falconer with the Pindara magazine

Pindara marketing manager Robbie Falconer with the Pindara magazine

By  Vanessa Hogan and Allison McNiven, Bond University Journalism students

Pindara Private Hospital has launched Australia’s first glossy hospital magazine this month.

The quarterly publication is a lifestyle magazine that blends healthy living and lifestyle features with medical information for the Gold Coast community.

Pindara Magazine is an eclectic mix of content, such as expensive product advertisements, features on luxury yachts and cars, and hip replacements.

The hospital’s marketing manager Robbie Falconer said she had always dreamed of producing this type of publication but struggled for 10 years to bring the idea to life.

“The unique thing about this magazine is the incorporation of medical articles written by healthcare specialists while remaining relevant and entertaining to readers,” said Ms Falconer.

“We hope to inform the community about different health care options they may not have realised were available to them.”

Pindara  CEO Trish Hogan said the magazine was the brainchild of Ms Falconer, who knew she could make it a success.

“We are absolutely delighted to have such a high quality and innovative approach to touching base with and informing our local community,” she said.

“The feedback we have received to date has been overwhelmingly positive and very encouraging so we intend to produce four issues of the magazine annually.”

Ms Falconer said the magazine had the potential to go global.

Pindara is a part of Ramsay Health Care, a worldwide company that provides health care in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, France and the United Kingdom.

“We expect that this idea will spread to other places across Australia and beyond if the response continues to be positive,” Ms Falconer said.

The magazine is distributed to all Pindara patients as well as 350 doctor and specialist waiting rooms across the Gold Coast at no cover price.

The idea was modeled off the concept of an airline magazine whereby readers are likely to engage with content as it captures their mood while sitting in a waiting room.


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