Memories of fibro shacks fill city art gallery

20 Mar
Jodi Ferrari stands inside one of the installations at the gallery. Picture: Ashley Gaden

Jodi Ferrari stands inside one of the installations at the gallery. Picture: Ashley Gaden

By Ashley Gaden, Bond University Journalism Student

The nostalgia of fibro beach shacks has been revived with a new exhibition at the Gold Coast City Gallery.

Public programs co-ordinator Jodi Ferrari said she hoped the exhibition showcased the unique holiday history of the Gold Coast.

Fibro Coast“You used to camp here and stay in these little beach cottages, then came the motels, and then the high rise apartments,” she said.

“It’s really just highlighting what those changes have been and reflecting on this particularly unique period of history and how wonderful and simple and beautiful it actually was.”

Tallai resident Lorraine McConnell said the exhibition was a time of reflection as a post-war baby.

“They were quite minimalistic in their design…to me it’s a walk down memory lane growing up in 1950s fibro houses,” she said.

“I would love to own one, do it up and put all of my vintage furniture in it.”

Political debate has arisen due to historical connotations with questions speculating the heritage and sustainability of the remaining fibro houses.

Mrs Ferrari said community support remained the backbone of these conversations.

“We’ve had a lot of communication with people in Brisbane and Sydney in terms of heritage protection,” she said.

“It’s been very controversial in the community since the demolishing of the Miami Ice building late last year.”

Queensland College of Art student Chris Bowes said the fibro houses were often a forgotten part of Gold Coast history.

“I think it’s very culturally significant,” he said.

“It’s nice not to have the coastal landscape full of high rises and Maccas.”

The exhibition continues until March 23.


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