Police on the move, catch drink driver with Segways

27 Mar
Two Broadbeach police officers on patrol on Segways as part of a state-wide trial

Two Broadbeach police officers on patrol on Segways as part of a state-wide trial

By  Sam Burbury, Bond University Journalism Student

Two Segway personal transporters have been deployed to Gold Coast Police as part of a state-wide trial.

The self-balanced two-wheel electric vehicles, which can reach speeds of up to 28kmh, will be based at the Broadbeach Police Station.

With a five-hour battery life, they enable officers to cover much larger distances along the popular tourist strip while on patrol.

Eight general duty officers have been trained to use the vehicles as part of the trial.

In the last fortnight since the trial began, these officers have issued over 130 cautions and apprehended one drink driver.

In a press release on the Queensland Government website, Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Jack Dempsey said trialling new technologies ensures police always have the equipment they need to keep the public safe.

He also called the Segways fantastic engagement tools, saying they help officers build stronger relationships in the community.

Broadbeach Alliance CEO Jan McCormick is a supporter of the trial and said any new equipment that helps police keep the city safe is beneficial.

“If the Segways assist the police, I can’t see any problem with them,” she said.

“The more police we have in the [Broadbeach] precinct and across the city, the better.”

She said the patrols will help locals and tourists feel more comfortable and secure when in the area, particularly as the light rail comes online.

“If there is a good strong police presence, whether it be on Segway, on foot or in a car, it instills a sense of safety,” she said.

The trial is expected to conclude at the end of May and will be followed by a state-wide evaluation.


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