Workers fear for safety after robbery

2 Jul
A Robina Town worker who says she is scared for her safety in the car parks.

A Robina Town worker who says she is scared for her safety in the car parks.

By Sarushka Reddy, Bond University Journalism Student

Workers at Robina Town Centre are concerned for their safety after an elderly woman was attacked and robbed last week in the one of the centre’s car parks. 

The 74-year-old was in her car when she was approached by a man who assaulted her then fled after stealing her handbag. 

Gabrielle Armes said the incident made her feel nervous and scared as she often has to walk to her car alone late after work.

“They have no security cameras on the level that I park on,” she said.

“I’ve complained to centre management about the cameras.”

Gabrielle has worked at the centre for nearly three years.

The lack of lighting in majority of the car parks is also an issue for staff members who have to walk to their cars after late shifts. 

Kristi Davis said that she made a formal complaint to centre management regarding the lighting situation and they did make changes.

“They put in a number of really big lights but they aren’t always turned on,” she said.

“I often have to use my phone’s flashlight to locate my car.”

Lauren Craig-Ward said that often after late night shopping on a Thursday she doesn’t finish until 10.30pm and when she walks to her car it’s dark.

“It’s really scary, there’s no security guards around and the car park is completely deserted,” she said.

Centre staff are hoping that given recent events, there will be more security precautions put in place to ensure their safety.

Robina Town Centre Management declined to comment.


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