Carefree beach memories inspire spring fashion collection

9 Jul


Designer Becky Jack with a piece from the new collection

Designer Becky Jack with a piece from the new collection

By Freya Bidwell, Bond University Journalism Student

Friendship, salty hair and memories of sun-drenched days were the inspiration behind Gold Coast brand Peony Swimwear’s Spring 2014 collection.

The campaign tells the story of two friends spending their days at a laid back beachshack, influences taken from designer Becky Jack’s experiences.

“We all have close friends that you go to the beach with, I remember me and my best friend used to spend our days in the sun making memories,” she said.

“I always want my collections to tell a story because I think our customers really relate to it, which really sets us apart from other brands as well.”

The Bond University Business and Law graduate turned fashion designer said that the spring collection is designed specifically for the effortless girl.

“She’s a very laid back, down to earth girl who looks effortless in the high quality detail,” she said.

The brand that typically stuck to floral and pink patterns has totally changed their colour palette to cater for the spring season.

“We’ve done a complete 180 with the colours this season, we’re featuring indigo, navy, turquoise and whites to change things up,” she said

“I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from the beach at Burleigh Heads for this campaign, I spend a lot of time looking out of my window and thinking how amazing it is.

“It’s never hard to find inspiration on the Gold Coast.”

Peony Swimwear’s Spring 2014 collection will make it’s debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in August. For more information visit http://www.


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