Art, fashion, film all in the RAW at Currumbin

16 Jul
Kim and Kelsey at RAW

Kim and Kelsey at RAW

By Madeleine Gleeson, Bond University Journalism Student

South-East Queensland’s fashion, art and film critics were swept away by the local creative talent displayed at the RAW revolution at the Currumbin RSL Sound Lounge on Saturday night.

RAW: Natural Born Artists is an international independent arts organization that hand-selects and spotlights creatives in visual art, film, fashion, music, hair and makeup artistry, photography, models and performing art.

The event is one of the only platforms other than social media that local talent can use to exhibit their works and gain exposure.

Jewellery By Kim, by Kim Hurst, is one of the many artists that featured at RAW.

Kim said that she decided to display her jewellery at the exhibition for nothing more than appreciation in a non-virtual environment.

“I’m here because I want appreciation and for more people to see my pieces. Unless you have these [social media] platforms to get amongst people you will struggle,” she said.

“At my age using social media is such a hard thing to do, but it’s so importan. Not only can you reach so many people, but also it’s free.”

Kim said that alongside appreciation, she hopes to see people recognizing her brand and jewellery.

“That’s why this event is important for me, to gain brand recognition. I want to get my brand out there,” she said

Kim’s daughter Kelsey Hurst plays a large part in developing Kim’s brand on social media.

Kelsey feels that it is also events like RAW that are so important in complementing and developing the relationships and reputations that have already been established on social media.

“There is so much talent on the Gold Coast and that’s why these events are so important,” she said.

“The whole city is flourishing and I think soon we’ll be doing better than a lot of other Australian cities. That’s what makes this event so phenomenal and you can see the potential, it’s only going to keep getting bigger and better.”


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