Hungry like the Wolffs for entertainment work

16 Jul

‘The Fault In Our Stars’ Atlanta Premiere

By Kelsee Kerr, Bond University Journalism Student

Teenage film writers, directors, actors, musicians and brothers Nat and Alex Wolff are stepping back into the bright lights of Hollywood as they are set to star in some of the year’s biggest feature films.

Nat and Alex are best known for starring in The Naked Brothers Band, a Nickelodeon mocumentary-style sitcom. Since then, the sons of director and producer Polly Draper and jazz musician Michael Wolff have taken a step back from the luxuries of fame to focus on schooling but have recently emerged back into Hollywood.

Nat and Alex have opened up about their experiences with the acting and music world, discussing their love-hate relationship with the industry.

From his first audition when we was seven-years-old to now, Alex said the audition process has not gotten any easier.

“I’ve gotten a little more used to auditioning, but It’s still as treacherous as it was when I first began,” he said.

“The best part of it [auditioning] is getting to expand and play different characters. The hardest part is letting yourself expand and play different characters.”

Older brother Nat said that the hardest part of acting for him was that he needed to break down all of the emotional walls that he, as a person, had put up.

“Acting sometimes seems emotionally counterintuitive,” he said

“When it [his acting] is really good, it feels like you’re naked and everything you’ve worked for; all the things you’ve patched up to be the person you are, have to be destroyed in order to make yourself vulnerable for the role.”

Nat continued by saying he has experienced depression from a role, after not being able to separate his own reality from the fictional character.

Nat recently starred in one of the summer’s biggest box office releases, The Fault in Our Stars alongside Divergent’s Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort. The film topped the charts in its release, grossing $48 million in the opening weekend.

“Creating this film was such a great experience, I worked with some incredibly talented people and I loved every second of it,” he said.

“The acting part of it was excruciatingly challenging though, because it was a really demanding character, but it was a tremendous thrill to zero in on my character’s [Isaac’s] thoughts and feelings and hopefully the final product shows that I did it successfully enough to make him into a real person.”

Nat and Alex are also currently working on some new singles set to come out later in the year.

“I love creating music with Nat. Getting to experiment and then seeing how the experiments fit in with what we have already created is a lot of fun,” Alex said.

“There’s a million different pieces, and if one piece is off just by a hair, the song can be ruined. It’s like baking a cake; if you accidentally put too much salt, or too much sugar it doesn’t taste good,” he continued.

“That’s why, with the greatness of recording; it’s also terrifying and difficult. But when it all works, and the song really grooves, and the lyrics and the melody all work and you can hear the blood on the tracks, and you can feel the emotion of the song, it’s a really spectacular thing.”

Alex also spoke of his admiration for older brother Nat and indicated that he aspires to emulate Nat’s career.

“Nat is my idol and everything I do is inspired by him. I think everything I’ve learned is from him, as an actor or a songwriter. We’re best friends,” he said.

“He’s also super dreamy. I’m gonna call him right now and ask him on a date,” Alex joked.

Nat is currently in the filming stage of two new Hollywood films, while Alex is in the process of directing a film he recently wrote.

The brothers are also about to begin a small USA tour, showcasing their latest singles.

“We are also looking to tour Australia later this year,” Nat said.

“We have a lot of great fans out there and would love to come and see everyone.”

The Wolff brothers are not looking to take any more breaks from the industry, they hope to continue acting, directing, writing scripts and creating music for the rest of their careers.


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