Next Top Model ready to strut at Robina

23 Jul

model2By Charlie St Baker and Doris Prodanovic, Bond University Journalism Students

Australia’s Next Top Model (ANTM) is ready to meet the Gold Coast with auditions for the state being held at Robina Town Centre.

The shift for this year’s auditions for the popular TV show, from Brisbane and Townsville to the Gold Coast, is set to bring budding models from all over the state on August 14.

Former contestant and local Gold Coaster Shannon Richardson said the city had started to become the fashion central of Queensland.

“I believe they moved the location of the auditions to help generate a new hype in a different part of Queensland that also has strong ties to the fashion world,” Shannon said.

“With the auditions now being on the coast, it adds a fresh sense of excitement that the Gold Coast hasn’t felt in a while and which it was in great need for,” she said.

“This definitely encourages more girls to put up their hand and give it a go.”

A year on from being on the show, Shannon said ANTM had unlocked a lot of doors to the modeling industry, where she had experienced things “out of this world.”

“You have to work so hard to actually make something from this opportunity once it’s all done and dusted,” she said.

“It’s the most challenging experience I’ve ever gone through in my life, but once you come out the other end, you learn to appreciate those challenges because they end up teaching you more about your emotional, physical and mental strength than you thought was possible.

“The only advice I can give is to be yourself…your true self, and that just might be enough to land you the spot on the show.”

A member of Robina Town Centre’s marketing team said the organisation of the finer details, such as the event’s precise location in the shopping centre, was to be determined by ANTM.

“This event is run completely by Next Top Model and the Centre is just playing host,” they said.

“There will be an estimated 200+ in the crowd where security will be on site to monitor noise and congestion, leaving no impact or disturbance to surrounding shops.

Not only will the show cause an influx of aspiring models but also supporters and curious bystanders who will no doubt get to learn the ins and outs of Robina Town Centre.

“Retailers also generally benefit from centre events as it generates increased traffic in stores.”

Jacqui McGrath, a Bond University Student who has had some experience in the modeling industry, said that she would love to audition for the show.

“While some would say it [the show] glamorizes the modeling industry, it does provide a good insight into the pressures and cut throat nature of the modeling industry,” said Jacqui.

“This industry is not easy to do well in, and requires professionalism and commitment.”

The ANTM Gold Coast Auditions will be at 3pm August 14, Robina Town Centre.


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