Overseas visitors can surf trips in wake of shark attacks

15 Oct


By Nicola Ferroni, Bond University Journalism Student

International visitors to the Gold Coast say they are too afraid to swim in the ocean in the wake of two shark attacks in the past month, one of which was fatal.

German Student Julian Engelhard said the recent death of a man at Byron Bay was big news in Europe and he was now too scared to swim at the beach.

“I thought the circulating helicopters and the lifeguards on duty were enough protection, but the predators attacks are unpredictable as we saw,“ he said.

“We cancelled our surf trip.”

A man in Western Australian was mauled the week before last and lost both his hands and part of his arm.

German Bond Student Anna-Lisa Höfges said she was concerned about her safety in the water.

“Sharks are so fast and powerful, we’re chanceless against the predators,” said she.

“The lifeguard advised us to swim between the flags, but that’s not a sufficient level of safety.”

A spokesman of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry advised concerned tourists to refer to their website where it says that different safety measures are built to protect swimmers.

The shark control program (SCP) relies on nets or drumlines, or a combination of both, to minimise the threat of shark attack on humans in particular locations, says the site.

It was not designed to provide a distinct barrier between sharks and humans so it is important to be aware that sharks inhabit the coastline.

To minimise the chance of a shark attack lifeguards advice must always be obeyed and swimming should be avoided when alone, bleeding, in the mouth of rivers or lakes, and in nights, says the site.



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