Southern coast moves to keep up with northern development

22 Oct

Hon Jann Stuckey 1

By Lee Duveck-Smith, Bond University Journalism Student

Southern Gold Coast has formed a new advisory committee and is heading to council this month to ensure they are included in future plans of the city’s infrastructure.

South of the City Advisory Committee has a task to ensure the level of interest is evenly dispersed by the council leading up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

The extension of the light rail to the airport and gateway of the Gold Coast is a major unresolved topic on the priority list.

Gold Coast City Councillor Chris Robbins said that the south needs to be proactive to make sure that it is not overlooked.

“Many facilities will be developed over the next few years in the centre of the city and it is important that people from other areas get access to these facilities,” she said.

“I have met with (Transport) Minister (Scott) Emerson and he has said that the main constraint will be funding, so council will have a role to play.”

Member of the Regional Policy Board of the Gold Coast Chambers of Commerce and Director of Institutional Research and Strategy at Bond University Chris Hogan said in order for the Gold Coast economy to do well, the city needs to build upon the traditional industries and bring more balance to the local economy by diversifying and strengthening our economy.

“Traditionally the city of the Gold Coast has relied for its economic prosperity upon population growth, construction and a strong tourism industry,” he said.

“The Gold Coast city needs to be recognised globally as an emerging world class destination not only for tourism but also increasingly as an attractive destination for business and education with an entrepreneurial culture and a skilled and educated workforce.”

Queensland Tourism Minister Jann Stuckey said that Premier Campbell Newman had acknowledged tourism.

“When you think tourism you should also think small business because they are intrinsically linked and there are 400,000 small businesses in Queensland,” she said.

“The Gold Coast gets way more than its fair share of events and way more than its fair share of attention,” Ms Stuckey said.

“I love the idea of connecting the heavy rail to the airport and all that but we are talking millions of dollars.

“Someone has to pay in the end.”



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