Stressed out? You need to Chill Out

22 Oct


By Grace Culver, Bond University Journalism Student

Shane Bauer was searching for more meaning and a deeper understanding to life,  and found it with yoga and meditation.

“The outside world keeps changing, making it almost impossible to find inner peace and happiness,” said Mr Bauer.

Mr Bauer chose to get into yoga and meditation to give back so that other people can experience the positives he has received through this experience.

Teaching yoga and meditation is just as rewarding as it is practicing, he said.

“I really enjoy doing it and I can’t really think of anything hard about it,” he said.

Mr Bauer teaches Freestyle Chillout at Gold Coast universities Bond, Southern Cross and Griffith University.

“Reduces stress levels, decreases blood pressure and heart rate, helps increase immune function, emotional stability, helps become more tolerant, helps with depression, can improve relationships, and helps to become happier within,” Mr Bauer said.

Not only is the yoga and meditation rewarding but also getting to meet new people each time and enjoying homemade chai tea, health treats, and on Wednesday’s a vegetarian meal.

About a month ago was the club’s one year birthday of inner peace, happiness, and relaxation. Since the club runs and is funded across several universities on the Gold Coast, it is mainly for university students.


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