Students create a buzz about Coast back in Europe

22 Oct


By Nicolas Fischer and Nicola Ferroni, Bond University Journalism Students

International students writing about their experiences on social media have become unofficial tourism ambassadors for the Gold Coast.

Many overseas students  are choosing the Coast as an education destination because of what their friends already here are posting.

Bond University business student Manuel Eppert said he was overwhelmed of his schoolmate’s experiences.

“He came back after his semester abroad and couldn’t stop raving over his trip,” he said.

“So I decided to finish my master degree at Bond University.”

Exchange students at the Gold Coast use social media and blogs to keep their fellows posted.

Swiss communication student Fabian Jäger said that a former schoolmate’s blog caught his attention.

“I read the stories about the relaxed Australian lifestyle and I knew this place was predestined for me,” he said.

“The enrolment was very easy and three months after my first thought about a semester abroad I sat already in an airplane to Australia.”

The Student consulting company Study Smart mediates and supports European students with their enrolment for Australian universities.

Study Smart CEO Patricia Perrot said that buzz marketing had a massive influence on student’s decision.

“Most of my requests are from students who already have preferences on an Australian university because of earlier visitors,” she said.

“Without the viral marketing of former visitors the Gold Coast would be nearly unknown in Europe.”


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