Terrifying twists and turns at Movie World

22 Oct

fright night

By Kamilla Schultz Seljelid and Aline Hayoz, Bond University Journalism Student

Visitors are in for a scare as Movie World gets dressed up in its most terrifying costumes to celebrate Halloween.

Fright Nights is the annual event of mazes, rides, food and entertainment, enjoyed by Gold Coast residents and visitors.

Movie World’s brand manager Selena Lawson said the event is incredibly successful, and the attendance has increased every year since it started six years ago.

“We target teenagers,” said Miss Lawson.

“It is a great place to come and have a good night, and they seem to like supernatural horror.”

To achieve this horror the event takes one year to plan and up to six hours to prepare each evening.

“We try to outdo ourselves every year, so this year we made a maze based on a video game,” said Miss Lawson.

Fright Night visitor Brandon Groves was impressed by the way the event was conducted and said it was a thrilling night.

“It was very detail orientated,” said Mr Groves.

“The food and drinks, costumes and make-up, smoke machines and music, all came together to make a great atmosphere.”

He recommended buying a Fast Track ticket for the mazes, to avoid the long lines.

Fright Nights is on every Friday and Saturday night throughout October.

One general admission ticket costs $49.99 and one Fast Track Mazes ticket an additional $45.


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