Mur-bah theatre gives up giggles for darker side

11 Mar
New director Allanah Poustie, 20, is taking the Murwillumbah Theatre Company into a darker direction. Picture: Georgina Stobbie

New director Allanah Poustie, 20, is taking the Murwillumbah Theatre Company into a darker direction. Picture: Georgina Stobbie

By Georgina Stobbie, Bond University Journalism Student

The Murwillumbah Theatre Company will take a heavy turn this May when a budding director draws the curtains on the Australian psychodrama Wolf Lullaby.

The play, written by Hilary Bell, is about a nine-year-old girl who throws a small Tasmanian community into dismay when she kills a younger child.

The play differs sharply from the companys recent productions, said debut director Allanah Poustie.

Wolf Lullaby is going to be quite confronting, said Miss Poustie.

The Murwillumbah Theatre Company is renowned for its comedies and once in a while theyll throw in a good drama.

Id prefer if the company did an even mix of both [drama and comedy] and I wanted to make that happen.

Miss Poustie, 20, is one of the youngest directors in the companys history.

The company is very supportive of the fact that a younger person has taken the reins, said Miss Poustie.

The company is now presenting The Foreigner, a comedy by American playwright Larry Shue, which had audiences beaming last Sunday.

Making people laugh was a passion, said The Foreigner director Julie West.

I grew up in England in the ’60s and was weaned on Monty Python, said Ms West.

In this day and age there isnt a lot to laugh at so getting the opportunity for a night out locally and sitting down with friends having a good laugh is good for the soul.

The demographic for productions tends to be the same group of theatre goers from show to show, said Ms West.

Most plays have the same demographics in a small town,” said Ms West.

The rapid shift from one style to the other may prove daunting to local audiences, said Allanah Poustie.

The last play that was similar to [Wolf Lullaby] was Ruby Moon and that got a lot of good reception, said Miss Poustie.

To be honest, Im not sure how this will be received.

Miss Poustie has been with the company since she was in primary school and said she is looking forward to the opportunity to direct.

Its really daunting but at the same time youre thinking, Ive been training so long to do this, said Miss Poustie.

The support from other members has been overwhelming.

To learn more about the Murwillumbah Theatre Company or to contact the directors, visit their web site.


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