Students pitch in for Lion’s share of Currumbin clean-up

18 Mar
A group of students from PBC clean up at Currumbin. Picture: Luke Ireland

A group of students from PBC clean up at Currumbin. Picture: Luke Ireland

By Luke Ireland, Bond University Journalism Student

A group of Gold Coast high school students swapped their notebooks for rubbish bags last month in a bid to ‘Clean Up Australia’.

The young members of the Palm Beach Currumbin (PBC) Leo’s Club, a student-run branch of the Lion’s Rotary Club, volunteered their time to pick up litter around Currumbin Creek as a part of the Clean Up Australia initiative.

Club Treasurer Tamara Gillard said that the clean up was a perfect way for “The Leo’s” to give back to their community and gain awareness of the impact that humans are having on their local environment.

“Clean Up Australia is a really important event for the club because it enables us to get involved in the community and display to everyone that it is our own local ecosystem that is being greatly affected by litter and rubbish,” she said

“The 26 members that were involved on the day were able to see that the simple act of not putting rubbish in the bin has real consequences on the beautiful environment that we are lucky to live in.”

Leo’s Club member Amelia Caldwell said that within two hours the club managed to fill six large bags full of rubbish.

“On the day we picked up a variety of litter material that had worked its way onto the banks of Currumbin Creek and the mangroves surrounding the area,” she said

“It was really worrying for all of the members involved to actually witness the sheer amount of litter that is potentially harming aquatic life and just giving our community a negative image.”

The Leo’s have been involved in Clean Up Australia for four years, since after the club was formed in 2011 as a group of young people who wanted to make a difference.

Now boasting almost 40 active members aged 12 to 17, PBC has been awarded the Queensland Leo’s Club of the Year for the last two years for their continuous support of the local community.

Aside from the annual clean up, the club participates in the Relay for Life event, holds community car washes, organises a disco for the Currumbin Special School and hosts weekly barbecues to raise money for charity.

Tamara said that while it was nice to get recognition for the hard work in the form of the Club of the Year award, it is the satisfaction of helping the local community that keeps the Leo’s together.

“Obviously the accolades are nice but it is the community results that we achieve as a club that give us the greatest sense of satisfaction,” she said

“We all want to support and help each other, after all we all have this common goal of giving back to our community and breaking the stereotype that young people don’t care about their community.”

To follow the work of the PBC Leo’s club you can visit the Palm Beach Currumbin State High School website or follow the club’s Facebook group at


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