Seeing the light amidst the majesty of Wollumbin

18 Mar
Climbing high, Alex and Simon on the hike. Pictures: Mathilde Mauget.

Climbing high, Alex and Simon on the hike. Pictures: Mathilde Mauget.


Among the clouds at the top.

By Mathilde Mauget, Bond University Journalism Student

Gold Coast residents Alex Troll and Simon Golding made the arduous trek to the top of Mount Warning for the sixth time recently, and said it was worth it every time.

Mount Warning, also called Wollumbin by Aboriginal people, is a popular hiking trail for locals and tourists alike.

The volcanic plug of the largest volcano caldera in the southern hemisphere can be climbed in about two hours.

At the top Mount Warning boasts its credentials as the first place in  mainland Australia to catch the morning sun, and is a popular destination each  December 31 for hikers wanting to catch the first light of a new year.

Alex and Simon said they are made the journey once every two months to escape city stresses.

“It is peaceful, today it was dead silent up there, you don’t get that anywhere else,” Alex said.

“It is a nice way to get away from city and people,” Simon added.

“I first heard about it about 30 years ago, but I first climbed it about two years ago and keep going there since that.”

He said many people get up early and climb by night to see the sunrise from the top.

“I prefer doing it after the sunrise because there is less people at the top, but still early.

“But I advise to do it in the morning when it is not windy or cloudy, to get the view.”

Alex recommended against night walks because the last part of the trail is sloping and can be dangerous.

Mount Warning is a sacred place for Aboriginals. A sign asks people not to climb at the top but the hike remains authorised.


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