Moyra confident of Major new venture

26 Mar


By Taylor Eveleigh, Bond University Journalism Student

Renowned radio presenter Moyra Major has set out to help the community find their voice through her new  venture Major Confident.

The Gold Coast 102.9 Hot Tomato radio personality began the business earlier this year with a desire to help people conquer their fear of public speaking.

The seminar is offered every two months, as well as one-on-one sessions available that are designed for all ages and situations.

The seminars give an outline of how to tackle the fear of public speaking,” Moyra said.

“They are designed to break apart the fear and find simple, easy ways to face it.”

The inspiration to begin the venture came along as Moyra reflected on her earlier years in the spotlight.

“When I first started in radio I found stepping out from behind a microphone very difficult,” Moyra said.

“I had to do a lot of speeches and host events as part of my work that I really struggled with.

“I wish something like this had been around back then so I wouldn’t have spent so much time nervous and worried about speaking in public.”

Years of experience later, Moyra believed she had finally found a way to conquer the fear of public speaking and felt it was something she had to share.

“I don’t want anyone to miss out on opportunities because they were too scared to face them,” she said.

“I hear all the time about how people let the fear of public speaking hinder their career and personal lives.”

Moyra has always felt passionately about helping others and has planned to guide her clients every step of the way.

“It’s so wonderful when I get a call from someone after their first successful speech,” she said.

“I can hear the joy in their voice that they have battled their fears and won.

“Their happiness means the world to me!”

Moyra said the relaxed environment is great for any nervous first timers that attend the Major Confident seminar.

“You won’t be asked to speak in front of the group,” Moyra said.

“It’s more about helping [clients] find ways to improve their skills and build upon existing talents.”

The first Major Confident seminar is this coming Saturday, March 28.

For more information on the seminar or to get in touch with Moyra about one on one sessions visit


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