A man walks into a bar … so comedy comes to The Hub

2 Apr
Adelaide comedian Patrick Slattery is keen for more venues.

Adelaide comedian Patrick Slattery is keen for more venues.

By Patrick Thompson, Bond University Journalism Student

The Hub restaurant in Varsity Lakes is spicing up its Wednesday nights with a taste of stand-up comedy.

Patrick Slattery, an 18-year-old comic from Adelaide, said he was looking forward to performing an acerbic set during Wednesday’s trivia night.

“My comedy is brutally honest, its very dead pan,” he said.
Patrick was  the first comic to test his funnyman skills at the quirky café on April 1.

“I was looking for a gig and some friends suggested I try out The Hub,” he said.
“The trivia night happens every Wednesday, so if the gig goes well, then maybe it will become a regular event.”
Patrick was to take to the microphone to perform 10 minutes of what he called ‘somewhat controversial’ material.
Julian Carvalho, a waiter who works at The Hub, said stand-up comedy is a welcome edition to Varsity Lakes’ increasingly popular nightlife.
“Stand-up is awesome. The place gets packed whenever we have special nights and the uni students who come in will love it,” he said.
“There are some cool new bars and restaurants that have opened up in the area and the nightlife has definitely started to get more entertaining.”

Patrick said that there aren’t enough places on the Gold Coast for beginner comedians to test their act.
“It can be really difficult to get a gig if you’re not already a big name. You really have to test you material on some of these smaller audiences and build up your confidence,” he said.
Wednesday trivia nights kick off at The Hub on Varsity Parade around 8pm.


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