Coast swimmer has his sights set on Rio Games

2 Apr
Gold Coast swimmer Alex Graham. Picture: Supplied

Gold Coast swimmer Alex Graham. Picture: Supplied

By Nicola Richards, Bond University Journalism Student

Swimming star Alex Graham will take to the pool in the upcoming national events as he remains hopeful he’ll achieve his dreams of attending the Rio Olympic Games next year.

Alex is joined by Jordan Harrison, Madeline Groves and Melanie Wright as the competitors prepare to splash their way into the Australian Swim Team at the Sydney event from tomorrow to  April 10.

Despite the upcoming event Alex is already looking  into the bright future ahead of him.

“I’ve just got a goal, which is to go to the Olympics, and that keeps me going because it’s always in the back of my mind,” he said.

“Next year I could potentially be racing in the Olympics for the 100 and 200 freestyle as well as the relay events.”

But the road hasn’t always easy.

“I had difficulties coming back from shoulder surgery last year,” he said.

“Some days it’s hard to stay motivated because I go through stages of motivation, sometimes I feel really bad and I don’t want to swim but I just have to push through.”

Alex continues to train hard with nine pool sessions a week, as well as gym and circuit training which can add up to more than 20 hours of training per week.

“My coaches help get me through it, they’re the ones that motivate me,” he said.

Alex said he was very thankful for the support of his parents and coaches.

“Dad used to drive me to training every morning until I could drive on my own and both of my parents are still into my swimming and they come and support me every time and I’m thankful for that,” he said.

“My coach back in Melbourne used to coach Michael Klim, so I’ve always seen him as a bit of a role model, I spent a fair bit of time around him and he’s always been good to me.”

Alex’s Mum Janet  is proud of her son and all of his achievements.

“Alex loves swimming and has been doing it since he was a little boy and we are so proud of him and his accomplishments and we wish him all the success at the national championships,” she said.

His swimming successes have earned him the Georgina Hope Rinehart Swimming Excellence Scholarship from Bond University.

Alex said his success was due to his love of the sport and his commitment to training.

“You’ve just got to make sure you’re enjoying what you’re doing because there’s no point putting in as many hours as you do if you don’t love it,” he said.


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