Golf club remains on par due to team work

2 Apr
The 2015 Division One Pennants Team. Picture: Supplied

The 2015 Division One Pennants Team. Picture: Supplied

By Emma Rose Kearney, Journalism Student, for Bond Gold Coast News

The Gold Coast’s number one-voted golf course Emerald Lakes Golf Club  is on par due to proactive strategies that “keep getting people to come back,” said General Manager Chris Bagley.

The GM said although the golf course is not of a high difficulty, the talented groundsmen, friendly staff and ongoing promotions are what make the club so popular.

ELGC is incomparable to other golf courses on the Coast due to its culture, diversification and flexibility, said Mr Bagley.

“The experience here is like that old saying: a first impression is a last impression… that’s why 90% of people will come back,” he said,

“You can cut the golf course off, and we have this incredible clubhouse that no other golf course can compete with.

“We’re leaders in the industry because of our diversification.”

Mr Bagley, who has been nominated for General Manager of the Year, said he is proud of ELGC’s growth since he took over eight years ago, as the club’s turnover is now tenfold due to effective marketing strategies.

One of these strategies involves investing in the club’s most talented golfers in the hope of solidifying the success of the Division One Pennants Team.

“I put a program together behind the scenes where I select 10 to 14 of our top golfers and pay for their memberships, range balls and look after their outfits and what not,” he said.

“The whole exercise probably costs us around $40,000, but we’re keeping the team together.

“We’re showing to all our young golfers that we’re prepared to invest time and money into them.”

The program has proved to be effective, as the Division One Pennants Team has made the competition’s final four years in a row.

ELGC’s Saturday Committee President Steven Kearney said the culture of the Division One Pennants Team has improved over the year.

“The culture within the team at the moment is magnificent… it’s full of camaraderie,” he said.

The President said the success of a golf club’s pennants team is vital for its overall success, as the prestige of winning such an event attracts high-level golfers to join the golf club.


“Pennants on the Gold Coast is big business,” he said.


“If you’re successful in pennants, then it attracts more sponsors, more membership and more players.


“We’ve created competitions that are attractive to Div. One players, which attracts them to come and play and be members at Emerald Lakes.”


Emerald Lakes has received many awards, including number one golf course and third-best chicken parmigiana on the Gold Coast, as voted by the public. 


A number of promotions run throughout the week in ELGC’s bistro, bar and golf realms, all of which can be found on the golf club’s website:





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