Landing system proposal open for public comment

9 Jul

Courtney Callow Story ILS

By Courtney Callow, Bond University Journalism Student

The Gold Coast Airport and Air Services Australia are seeking feedback on the proposal to install an Instrument Landing System.

The Instrument Landing system is well-established technology used to safely continue operations and improve reliability of landings in adverse weather conditions, rather than being diverted to other airports.

Senior Flight Instructor at Air Gold Coast Jamie Davidson said the public does not fully understand that the Instrument Landing System needed on the Gold Coast.

“Gold Coast needs this for the safety of flights in difficult terrain and often problematic conditions, not to mention the reputation and growth of our city,” said Mr Davidson.

“All major airports around the world have ILS facilities, and given the terrain on approach to the Gold Coast, this airport should be no exception.”

The 60-business day consultation period with the pubic started on April 20 and will end this Sunday, July 13.

The Gold Coast Airport will send a reviewed draft of the redevelopment plan and supplementary report to the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development after the public consultation period.

The Minister of the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development has 50 business days, from receiving necessary information and documentation, to consider and reach a final decision.

An average of 10,000 passengers a year are diverted to alternative destinations due to adverse weather, costing airlines an estimated $50,000 per flight, which is ultimately passed on to consumers through increased fares or reduced flight schedules.

The Instrument Landing System has caused some controversy amongst the community as the flight path is over residential land and will have a varying effect on Gold Coast suburbs to the north of the airport instead of over the ocean.

Burleigh Heads Property Manager Kylee Ticehurst said she is concerned that the new flight path will affect residents’ desire to live in the region.

“I will not be impressed if this is the cause of my tenants deciding to move or a decline in property value,” said Kylee.

The primary reason a pilot would choose to use the ILS is to safely navigate in bad weather, as it is not necessary when the weather is fine.

Gold Coast Airport will work with authorities to develop a Noise Abatement Procedure to reduce potential noise impacts on residential areas.

Mr Davidson said the noise debate is unfounded at the altitudes along the approach path.

“It is unlikely to be a significant issue with today’s modern aircraft,” said Mr Davidson.

For more information or to give your feedback on the proposal, visit the airport website.



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