Miami Marketta is more than just about food

9 Jul
Jack (left) and Henry Hone each with a  Potato Tornado.

Jack (left) and Henry Hone each with a Potato Tornado.

By Gary Muller and Laurence Ferguson-Farr, Bond University Journalism Students What began as a showcase of local restaurants two years ago is now an internationally renowned cultural event. The Miami Marketta is no-longer just about the food as it boasts arts and culture and prominent musical acts such as Xavier Rudd and Megan Washington. Mother of three Mrs Kyle Hone, who is visiting the Gold Coast with her family, said this was their first time at the markets and they loved it. “Amazing, amazing, sensory overload, it’s brilliant, and family friendly which is a bonus,” she said. “Fantastic, when you’ve got happy parents, happy kids and food like this to enjoy, you can’t ask for anything more.” Marketta has free entry every Friday from 5pm and Saturday’s from 4pm and opens until 10pm each night. Most meals are under $15 and the venue is licensed. Marketta Manager Kurt Mellross said numbers varied but Fridays and Saturday could be in the thousands. “It’s hard to put a number on it, but a busy night like tonight, we could get up to a couple of thousand,” he said. Marketta has grown from a food fair into a much larger multicultural event featuring live music, weekly artistic workshops and spoken word poetry, as well as arts and crafts stalls. Upcoming entertainers Xavier Rudd and the United Nations on August 23 and two-times ARIA award winner Megan Washington, who is booked to perform on September 23.

Daud Kendall with one of his Lucky Bao.

Daud Kendall with one of his Lucky Bao.

Columbian Foods chef Armando said Marketta street food is all about providing authentic food that can’t be found on the coast. “We really miss this food; we don’t find this kind of food very easily here,” he said. “We’re trying to keep the taste of the flavour, the authenticity.” Lucky Bao chef and stall owner Daud Kendall said the food and atmosphere is great. “It’s busy, it’s a good vibe down here,” he said. His best seller is the pork belly bao followed by the chicken; bao’s are $7 each or two for $12. He said in the 12 months he’d been at Marketta he hadn’t seen a meal over $15 dollars. Mrs Hone said when you look at what’s on offer it is great value and suits all budgets. “You can come here and whatever your budget you can work it, I think,” she said. With around 20 stalls foods range from Thai, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Greek, Columbian and Italian. Deserts are also sold, including Gelato. Marketta Street Food markets are situated in Miami at 23 Hillcrest Parade, just off the Gold Coast Highway. For more information visit their website at Bon Appetite.


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