Beneath Hot Tomato lunacy beats team in tune with fans

16 Jul

Breakfast Crew

By Gary Muller, Bond University Journalism Student

Hot Tomato Breakfast show hosts Flan, Emily-Jade and Christo may sound unorganised, dysfunctional and at times delusional on air but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The top-rating DJs air Monday to Friday from 5 to 9am with the support of show producer Craig Collett.

Mr Collett said their strategy was simple: keep it local and people respond to that.

He said Flan (Sean Flanagan), Emily Jade (O’Keeffe) and Christo (David Christopher) are a good team and work well off each other.

He said they know how each other work and bring it all together in the show.

“It’s harder for us because we are a single, privately owned station,” said Mr Collett.

‘We don’t have the big budgets the other stations do. To be rating number one is a big achievement, and a big part of it is because we care about local things.

“If someone loses their dog, we’ll help find it.”

Flan said he started as a stand-up comedian then got a job writing in Sydney for Andrew Denton in the television industry.

He said he liked radio better because there are less people to deal with to produce a show.

Mr Collett said there’s no secret in radio.

Keep the listeners involved and remember you’re reporting today’s news and current affairs.

He said they had to stay current or risk losing listeners.

Hot Tomato produces and broadcasts live all day from High St Southport with Pete Carter in from 9 – 12pm with the Flock of 80s.

Vox Pop

Do you listen to 102.9 Hot Tomato breakfast show with Flan, Emily Jade and Christo and why?

Emily Harris 24, Broadbeach Waters.

“Yeah, every morning I listen to Hot Tomato, those guys are pretty funny, it kick starts my day.”

Patrick Neal 32, Broadbeach.

“Yeah I do, I am normally driving around in the car, I have the radio on all the time, their pretty funny, that Flan guys not too bad, it’s a local station so you really can’t go wrong, can you.”

Kym Johnson, Ashmore.

“Yes, they play great music and their just such a fun crew.”

Pam Kaur 30, Broadbeach.

“Yes, every day. They make all sorts of jokes and keep us updated about the Gold Coast and what’s happening – ah and they play new and older music too, songs you like to hear over.”


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