More over estate agents, Airbnb is now try before buy

16 Jul


By Brianna Ferguson, Bond University Journalism Student

Airbnb is becoming a popular new way for visitors to the Gold Coast to try before they buy.

New resident Stephen Burgess said he used Airbnb for six weeks when he moved to the Coast on a working visa from the United Kingdom.

“I had heard about Airbnb back home in the UK and thought it would be a great way for me to decide where I wanted to stay while working on the Gold Coast,” he said.

“In total I spent time in three different houses, two weeks spent in each, learning about the different areas.

“It was great as while renting rooms off the locals, I learnt what each area had to offer and what areas I liked before having to commit to a lease.”

Stephen said he didn’t feel confined to a hotel room but was able to explore the local areas of the Gold Coast with ease.

“I had plenty of opportunity as everyone I stayed with was welcoming and helped show me around,” he said.

Not only has it become a steeping stone but Airbnb on the Gold Coast has increased in popularity within the tourist population in the last few months.

Tourists are seemingly leaning towards staying at other people’s homes as a way to immerse themselves in the local area and atmosphere.

Recent tourist from Sydney Catherine Farmer decided to stay somewhere provided through the online site, as she believed it was a great opportunity to live like a local.

“While visiting the Gold Coast recently I decided to stay in a house I discovered through the company,” she said.

“I was here with my family and thought it would be nice to be able to cook and have easy access to the beach without staying in the heart of Surfers Paradise or Broadbeach.

“Somewhere where my children could walk down to the beach and be able to have a friendly local atmosphere.”

For more visit their website



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