Fishing from home a great way to relax and make friends

23 Jul


By Maguy Keleko. S, Bond University Journalism Student

Fishing on the balcony is the new way to socialise and relieve stress for Lake Orr residents.

Varsity Towers resident Dichen Wu said fishing to him was more than just a hobby.

“Personally, fishing on my balcony helps me deal with stress and all kinds of negative thoughts as I find it to be quite relaxing,” Dichen said.

“It’s also a good way for me to know who my neighbors are and have a chat with them when I get a chance to see them.”

Varsity Towers resident Hao Wu said that Lake Orr attracts fishermen since it contains different types of fish.

“People often come here for the purpose of catching a bull shark which some of them actually do but I normally catch black fish, cat fish, eels, mud crabs, puff fish and mostly bream,” Hao said.

“The area is highly recommended in the fishing community as it is a great spot to catch various fish.

“I fish at least twice a week and at every occasion I generally catch about two to three bream within 15 minutes.”

Dichen said that the lake doesn’t look as clear as it used to and that it should be treated with respect.

“People need to be more environmentally friendly by not throwing things in the water as this will help the fish stay healthy and help the lake remain pure,” Dichen  said.



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