Olympic dream step (and trot) closer for Georgina

23 Jul

Landscape Georgia

By Braydon Poacher and Hannah Goodman, Bond University Journalism Students

Georgia Fairweather’s dream of competing in the Olympics in equestrian coming closer despite injuries and time away from the sport.

The Bond Bachelor of Property student, 19, has her sights set on gold in dressage at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

However, she said that numerous setbacks have made it difficult for her to make progress towards this goal.

“I’ve had a lot of things go wrong when it comes to horse riding but nothing has stopped me from wanting to ride more,” said Georgia.

“I have dislocated both my knees over 20 times and had to have surgery on my arm when I broke it to get a plate and I have also broken my shoulder.”

Georgia said her passion for the sport developed at a very young age.

“I started riding when I was five and got my first horse when I was nine,” said Georgia.

“I always knew this was something I wanted to do, horses have always been a big part of my life.”
She did not begin competitive dressage until the age of 11 due to numerous falls and broken bones, and she’s now been ‘out of the game’ for four years as she moved to Switzerland to finish school.

Top hatIn spite of this, Georgia and her large Galloway horse Allira Park Sinatra (aka ‘Tommy’) have won eight titles including Supreme Champion Hack at Oxenford show and First Ladies Galloway Hack at Toowoomba Royal.

Georgia rides at the Advanceddressage level putting her in a prime position to achieve both her long-term and short-term goals.

Currently, Georgia’s short-term goal is to win at either the Royal Sydney Easter Show or Royal Brisbane Show which would then qualify her for Grand Nationals in April 2016.

“Grand Nationals is the most prestigious title in Australia,” said Georgia

“If I was to win Grand Nationals in 2016, the 2020 Tokyo Olympics would be a very realistic goal.”

According to Georgia, the two people who give her the motivation she needs to succeed are her mother, Jane Fairweather, and her coach, Kim Durante.

“My coach Kim Durante is a huge inspiration to me, I began training with her in 2011 and that’s when I began entering serious competitions and winning.”

Georgia’s mother, Mrs Fairweather, said that she could not be prouder of what her daughter has achieved and has complete faith in her ability.

“If Georgia gets into the Olympics I will be the proudest mother on earth,” she said.

Georgia’s next big competition will be at the Royal Brisbane Show in August this year.


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