Marketta is more chilly than chilli as weather curbs visitors

30 Jul


By Claudia McCristal and Alex Plumptre, Bond University Journalism Students

The recent cold snap has seen attendance drop at the Miami Marketta street food markets the past few weekends.

The popular markets thrive on being an outdoor dining experience, usually catering for 450 people each Friday and Saturday night.

Vendors have noticed a slight decline in customers over recent weeks as winter progresses.

Local Miami resident and Italian Stand vendor Mark Stephens is disheartened with the recent turn out.

“It is disappointing to see less and less people turning up, but I understand that its cold and the last thing people want to do is leave the house to eat outdoors,” he said.

“It can be frustrating predicting how many people I will be catering for in these winter months as the numbers are unpredictable.”

Miami Marketta regular Emma Cullen said that nothing could stop her from going to the markets each week.

“I just brave the cold. The atmosphere once you are there, the smell of the different types of food and the dessert hall makes the wintery conditions worthwhile,” she said.

“I don’t really see the difference in going when it’s warm or a bit chilly, it’s still fun and vibrant.”

Miami Marketta Street Food is open to the public every Friday and Saturday from 4pm until 10pm.


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