Baby food shortage as formula goes online for a profit

19 Nov












By Wei Gao, Bond University Journalism Student

An undersupply of infant formula in supermarkets across the Gold Coast is due to Chinese people buying baby formula in bulk to resell online at a profit.

Amber Weng, an employee of SPAR convenience store in Southport, said a typical tin of baby formula retails at $20 and can be resold online at four times the price.

“Aptamil 2 and 3 has been out of stock for a few months, and we still have lots of customers asking for this product,” she said.

“They should enforce purchase limits on baby products to ensure fair access to them.”

This issue is a direct result of the 2008 Chinese baby formula scandal.

baby1This scandal involved baby formula being adulterated with melamine, which resulted in the death of three infants from kidney stones.

Cage Zhang, an online seller of Australian-made baby products, said since 2008 parents don’t want to use baby products made by Chinese companies.

“Many parents are buying baby products from Australia or New Zealand,” he said.

The effects of the milk scandal in 2008 are not the only cause of this shortage.

Dongfang Chen, a Chinese mother, said she was not familiar with the 2008 incident, but that everyone told her imported food products are better than domestic ones.

“I only want to buy the best products for my baby,” she said.

This situation may bring a lot of trouble to Chinese expatriates who just want to buy formula for their baby, because of the association between the Chinese maker and local shortage in Australia.


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