Gold Coast the perfect place to grow a new business

26 Nov




By Megumi Kimura, Bond University Journalism Student

Minimal experience and a change in location is all one local business owner needed for her Labrador floristry to flourish.

A new home on the Gold Coast combined with a desire to venture into the unknown sparked a change in career for local florist owner Emily Strange.

Miss Strange said that moving to the Gold Coast, being surrounded by people with a ‘give everything a go’ attitude and her habit for taking risks was what sparked the idea for her delivery service floristry ‘just because Blooms’.

Miss Strange described moving cities and being surrounded by people who were always positive as the core reason behind her sudden job change in March this year.

“I felt that being in this environment [Gold Coast], I just felt like I needed to start something,” she said.

justbecauseblooms1After taking the initial step to set up her online florist delivery service, Miss Strange made ties with fellow local Varsity business Blackboard Coffee.

“I thought the guys at Blackboard were such cool kids, and I would want to write them an email saying ‘hey have my flowers’ but I never wrote it,” she said.

Miss Strange dropped a bouquet off at Blackboard Coffee’s other cafe Larder which led to the business posting a photo of the bouquet on social media and a connection being made between the two.

“Someone commented on the post with the bouquet on how nice it was to see businesses uplifting and supporting small businesses and that’s how Marc [Blackboard Coffee co-owner] came across me,” she said.

The two businesses now work together with Blackboard Coffee selling just because Blooms products in the café and just because Blooms operating out of Papercup Coffee, an eatery that serves Blackboard food and beverages.

Co-owner of Blackboard Coffee Marc Kinvig said he was delighted about the partnership and that just because Blooms had been selling bouquet after bouquet successfully.

Miss Strange acknowledged a lack of traditional experience and being humble as another part of the floristry’s success.

“The success has been bigger than I anticipated, I never had the intention to make a business but my naivety to being business-minded has really helped me,” she said.

Miss Strange also described her methods in maintaining the shelf life of her bouquets as resourceful and beneficial to her customers.

“Flowers here sit here for a maximum of three days,” she said.


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