Lower oil prices a boon for travelers as airfares drop

26 Nov


By Alex McPeak and Kelsey Meleady, Bond University Journalism Students

Last-minute travelers are happy to hear that falling oil prices will be decreasing their flight fares as well.

The Australian newspaper this week reported that dropping oil prices is also lowering airfares.

Bond University student Camela Bacha said she’s glad she waited until the last minute because it is working out in her favor.

“I am hoping to buy it in the next three days,” said Camela.

She had first thought that the decreasing prices were due to the volcano eruption.

Although her flight is in less than two weeks, she is hoping prices will continue to decrease and is still waiting to buy tickets.

Nichole Desantis, a Bond Uni student and traveler, said she was able to get round-trip tickets to Bali for $375.

She bought her tickets just days before a volcanic eruption in Indonesia, and about two weeks before her trip to Bali.

“It’s ironic I got such a cheap flight considering I waited so long to buy my tickets. My roommates got theirs three months in advance to save money and spent almost $700,” she said.

“I can’t help but think that the decrease in airline tickets has to do with the decrease in the price of oil, every time I search flights online, they seem to get lower and lower.”


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