Parents call their kids home, fearing terrorism after Paris

26 Nov


By Wei Gao, Bond University Journalism Student

Chinese students studying on the Gold Coast have been called home by parents who fear for their safety abroad in the wake of the Paris terror attacks.

Students are packing their bags just as compatriots in China who were about to leave for Australia have cancelled travel plans for similar reasons.

Some parents were concerned about the Australian government’s willingness to accept 12,000 Syrian refugees.

Shirley Lu (pictured0 said her parents saw the news about Paris on TV last week, and then searched about whether Australia is vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

“My parents found that Australia will soon receive about 12,000 refugees from Syria and they got worried, fearing that the refugee crowd might include terrorists, and asked me to go back to China next month,” said Shirley.

“I had originally planned to stay here for Christmas, but now I have to change my plan.”

Yue Xu, a Chinese tourist, said she was planning on visiting Gold Coast before Spring Festival, but after the Paris attacks her mother forbade her from travelling.

“Actually, I also think it is a security risk when I heard Australia will receive 12,000 refugees next month,” said miss Xu.

“I will change my travel plan and change to a domestic tourism destination.”

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this week assured the Australian public that recent terrorist attacks overseas have not increased the threat level on home soil.


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