Uber gains popularity despite taxi protests

26 Nov

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By Sarah Wickli and Alexandra Mueller, Bond University Journalism Students

Ride sharing app Uber has become a popular alternative to taxis for many Gold Coasters.

The Uber mobile app allows consumers with smartphones to submit a trip request, which is then routed to Uber drivers who pick you up with their own cars.

The service began operations in Sydney in November 2012 and has since expanded throughout the country to now include the Gold Coast.

Business student Anni Keller from Germany uses Uber every weekend.

“I love the app – it is so easy to order a ride via my smartphone,” she said.

Anni said that she likes the conversations with the local and very friendly Uber drivers, and she also appreciates the cashless payment system through credit card.

“The service is excellent, I never had a bad experience with Uber neither in my home country nor here in Australia,” she said.

“In Australia the Uber service is even more useful than at home, because the public transport here is not as good as in Germany. It is difficult to get from one place to another without a car.”

Uber driver Nick Benson, who started as an Uber driver four months ago, said that Uber is very popular on the Gold Coast and that he is always very busy.

“The best part of being an Uber driver is that I have the freedom to decide when and how long I want to work,” he said.

“I never had a bad experience with passengers and I hope that Uber in Australia get fully accepted.”

The Uber service grew internationally but has courted resentment among taxi drivers all over the world.

Uber causes controversy because the private drivers use their own cars to take passengers without obtaining a taxi or hire car license.

The Australian New South Wales government created a task force to look into Uber problem stating that the existing regulatory framework is “difficult to enforce”, and therefore not as effective as it could be.


For further information visit: https://www.uber.com/ and https://www.uber.com/en/cities/gold-coast.



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