Bleach* nurtures and showcases young GC talent

10 Mar
The Bella Fontes open the festival. Picture: Will Taylor and Ashley Pillhofer

The Bella Fontes open the festival. Picture: Will Taylor and Ashley Pillhofer

By Will Taylor and Ashley Pillhofer, Bond University Journalism Students

The Bleach Festival*, which kicked off last weekend, is establishing itself as a premier showcase for young and emerging Gold Coast artists.

Burleigh act The Hanlon Brothers, who won the Gold Coast Emerging Artist of the Year award in 2015, co-headlined the Feast Fiesta on Saturday night.

Lead vocalist Saia Hanlon said he and his brothers enjoyed the experience of playing to a new crowd, appreciating the opportunity to gain more exposure within a different demographic.

“The Bleach* festival was such a diverse setup,” said Hanlon.

“Bleach* said that was the biggest night they’ve had since the start of the festival.

“The [Gold Coast] industry helped us big time, it put on a stage event where the rest of Queensland and festival promoters could actually check out the talent from the Gold Coast.”

Hanlon said the festival enabled local artists to inspire local young talent.

“Imagine something like this event every weekend somewhere on the Gold Coast, it would make more people get into music,” he said.

“It’s good for everyone, because people can listen to it and it also encourages young people to get out and play, something for them to work towards,” said Hanlon.

“The local area and the place we live. We push that, we push that we’re from Burleigh and that you can make a career out of playing music.”

Nadia Sunde from the Bella Fontes, a collection of musicians from south-east Queensland and Northern NSW, agreed.

“Bleach* Festival is great for exposure and to reach the local GC audience,” said Sunde.

bella2Sunde is working on taking the Bella Fontes international next year, credits local events like Bleach* for giving the band a base within the local community.

Hanlon said the future of live music in Queensland was bright.

“Keep playing,” he said.

“The more people who get into music the better for us. I think we underestimate ourselves here in Queensland. Per capita we have better players than anyone else in Australia.”

The Hanlon Brothers are booked to play the Night Quarter markets in Helensvale, as well as at the half-time show for the Gold Coast Suns match against Essendon on March 26 at Metricon Stadium.

Bleach* Festival runs until March 20 with more than 50 dance, theatre, music, visual art and cultural events throuighout the city.

Visit moregoldcoast for a list of events.


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