Seven’s Sunrise sees the sunshine despite Burleigh rain

10 Mar

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By Tariah Magri and Chloe Alexander, Bond University Journalism Students

Channel 7’s morning program Sunrise hit the road last week in pursuit of sunshine but when they arrived at Burleigh Heads all they got was rain.

Despite the weather, Sunrise host Natalie Barr said she enjoyed visiting the Gold Coast.

“We were bored of the studio, we were sick of it,” Natalie told Bond Gold Coast News last Tuesday.

“And why would you not rather sit on one of the most iconic beaches?”

Natalie said initially the weather was disappointing but it was still better than being in the studio.

“Earlier, we were a little bit upset with the rain but we kept it in and we had faith and now look, it’s clearing, so it’s gorgeous,” she said.

Co-host David ‘Kochie’ Koch said the rain didn’t affect his time during the Great Aussie Road Trip.

“I always enjoy a good road trip, we’ve done a few together and it’s good fun,” Kochie said.

Fans still turned up to watch the show despite the constant rain.

Justin Ramm, 19, was there on his birthday for his mum who is a big fan of the breakfast TV show.

“Mum watches Sunrise every morning, she wants me to get on TV,” Justin said.

Sophie, 16, woke up at 12am that morning to make sure she didn’t miss them.

“We’re here to meet the hosts,” she said.

The Sunrise team spent a week presenting their show along locations on Australia’s east coast.

Filming had to start at 4.30am on the Gold Coast, due to Daylight Savings in other states.

Staff rushed to wrap plastic around the expensive filming equipment and gazebos were put up to keep the set from getting wet.

Umbrellas had to be carried over cameras as they filmed the outdoor broadcast.

Guests on the show included professional surfer Mick Fanning who was on set to talk to Sunrise about his one-year break.

The Great Aussie Road Trip wrapped up last Friday in Melbourne and the Sunrise team are now back in the studio.


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