Coast act IVEY ride wave of success on back of Quiky Pro

17 Mar
Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

By Will Taylor, Bond University Journalism Student

The Quicksilver Pro showcases the world’s best surfing talent but last Saturday a young Gold Coast band stole attention from the water at Snapper Rocks.

IVEY, a four-piece indie pop outfit, took to the stage at Coolangatta for a reception 18-year old guitarist and vocalist Lachlan McGuffie said was the best they’d had on the Gold Coast.

“It was by far the best hometown show we’ve ever played,” said Lachie.

“Our good mates Peach Fur played before us and they have ridiculous amounts of energy, it’s insane, so they always gear up a crowd.

“We played a longer set then usual (an hour), and I’ve never enjoyed myself more.

“Just felt like a collective bunch of people having fun really, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Lead-vocalist Millie Perks, who is only 15, was also surprised by the attention.

“To be honest it wasn’t at all what I was expecting, it went beyond what I thought the turn out would be like,” said Millie.

“It was such an amazing feeling playing to that crowd, they had so much energy.”

The band, which was inspired by a documentary of Australian music icons Sticky Fingers, are to building experience across venues in Queensland.

“Most of our shows have been in Brisbane but we played at Rainbow Bay Surf Club after the Quicksilver Pro which was really fun,” said bass player Dante Martin.

“We’ve also played places like Currumbin Creek Tavern, Elsewhere Nightclub in Surfers and Sunhouse in Coolangatta.”

Despite achieving significant progress in the industry for at a very young age (all between 15-19), IVEY have been prone to some challenges.

“It used to be physically getting gigs as venues used to turn us down because of our age we had no recognition,” said Lachie.

“We completely researched the legalities of it all, and anyone underage is allowed to play any venue as long as they have a responsible guardian with them and leave after their set.

“Now I guess, it’s working around Matt and Millie’s school timetable, and Dante and I are currently at university.

“It’s a balancing act but we all work it out in the end.

“We’re currently in the process of recording demos, around three or four.

“Then we head into the studios in Brisbane at the end of this month to record, so new stuff soon we promise!”

The band is now in a position to expand.

“We really want to go and play shows interstate, down in Sydney and Melbourne and Adelaide,” said Lachie.

“Another one would be to sell out our own headline show, we know that’s far away but we are always pushing ourselves, so hopefully one day, we can make it happen.”

Lachie said there was one critically acclaimed festival the band would love to ultimately perform at.

“A festival set at Splendour In The Grass,” said Lachie.

“I’ve been three years in a row, and it’s absolutely my favourite time of the year, and playing there would be such a dream.

IVEY’s next performance is at Taloona Street as part of Bleach* Festival on Friday March 19, 2016.


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