Humphrey the Pug wings it to prove he’s the cutest pooch

24 Mar

By Emily Moodie, Bond University Journalism Student

Five-year-old Cameron knew she was going to win even before the judges laid eyes on her pug Humphrey.

“I knew he was going to win, his angel wings make him the cutest one here,” she said after taking home Cutest Pet category at Pet Angelz annual Pet’s Day Out last Saturday.

Ready to hit the stage, owners and their canine companions dressed to impress in a bid to take out Best Dressed and Cutest Pet.

Gold FM morning host and judge Bridge compares the pups to Victoria Secret models when trying to come up with winners for both categories.

“Everyone thinks their dog is the cutest and it’s true every dog is cute, but it’s tough finding just one,” she said.

“Trying to find the cutest of a really cute bunch is like trying to find the hottest model in a Victoria secret competition, they’re all so gorgeous!”

From pirate costumes to angels it wasn’t uncommon for owners to match their pups’ outlandish outfits.

First-time competitor to the Best Dressed competition Amanda  – otherwise known as Mrs Jack Sparrow – matched her pooches Fio and Sweeny (stage names Pistol and Boo) to take first place.

“Oh I’m very proud they won, they’re celebrity dogs,” she said.

“I wanted to complement their outfits too so I dressed up as well to give them a better chance of winning.”

These furry friends and their owners walked the runway in a pledge to raise money for pet rescue organisation Best Friends Rescue (BFR).

Owner of Pet Angelz Funeral Service Scott Jorgensen said the Pet’s Day out is a way to give back to the community, hoping to raise over $2000 for BFR.

“Their organisation is important to us because they salvage dogs that don’t have a home and personally look after them until they can find them a suitable home,” he said.

“There are two of their dogs here at the event up for adoption.

“All donations go to Best Friends Rescue where last year we raised over $1000 and hopefully we’ll double it this year, with around three times the turn out.”

Also scheduled on the day was free dog trick training by Animal Antics, Wet Noses Q&A, face painting, a jumping castle and balloon twisting, sausage sizzle, an animal farm and special guest Bridge from Gold FM radio.

Bridge said it was important to promote the event and to acknowledge that people now wanted funerals for their pets.

“Nowadays you know animals are not just dogs that sit outside and mind the house, they’re family members,” she said.

“So when they die it’s not about the vet looking after them and never seeing your animal again it’s about the memorial and honouring your dog which has given you unconditional love to someone.”


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