Rail workers abused by obnoxious fare evaders

24 Mar


By Cloe Read, Bond University Journalism Student

Gold Coast railway staff are increasingly copping abuse from people who catch trains without buying a ticket.

Queensland Rail worker Bronwyn (who did not want to give her real name for fear of reprisal) said a young mother who did not have a ticket or Go Card harassed her many times.

“So basically, she had no ticket, and she pretended to look in her pram saying ‘I’ve got it here somewhere’ and I wasn’t prepared to let her go through without one,” she said.

“She eventually walked away and people arrived off another train and I had to make sure they all got through all right.

“Then she had left something behind, which I held onto for her …when she came back up from the platform, she started screaming and swearing at me saying I had caused her to miss the train.”

After the woman had left and returned to the platform to wait for the next train, she returned to Bronwyn three more times.

“She said ‘I’m on parole and I’m going to come back and knife you’ with her young son, probably around two in the pram right beside her,” she said.

Bronwyn was then told to “watch her back” when she saw the woman – who again didn’t have a ticket – at three other train stations in the following weeks.

Bronwyn said she was able to grab the attention of the Queensland Police Railway Squad and the woman was given the standard $230 fine for not having a ticket or Go Card.

Senior Constable Jerverne Booker of the Railway Squad at Robina said people generally try to avoid increased fares.

“As the fares tend to go up, people do try to do it because of the cost of it,” he said.

However, Sen Const Booker said he had not noticed an increase of people avoid fares during the fortnightly Titans games at Cbus Stadium in Robina.

“A lot of people who come to the game have their fare in conjunction with the ticket, so they get free train travel.” he said.


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