Young entrepreneur takes on eBay with his Quik Swap app

24 Mar

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By Katia Pearsall, Bond University Journalism Student

An innovative return to the barter system through technology was hatched when a hungry university student pondered how to get his next meal.

Bond University Business student Will Hawkins’ app Quik Swap, which launched last week, allows users to post pictures of goods they want to swap for other goods, or simply to sell.

Will said the two-year development of turning the centuries-old barter system into an app began one night when he was sitting at home with an empty wallet and plenty of unused items.

“I was sitting on the couch and I was completely broke, I didn’t have any money like a typical cash poor uni student,” he said

“I was thinking I have two TVs, three couches and a fridge down stairs not even being used, yet I can barely afford to buy dinner.”

Fed up with the stress of an empty bank account Will was determined to come up with a solution.

“I wanted to create a simple way where I could take a photo of an item and have someone either offer me something else or offer me cash, because you can sell your stuff on Quik Swap as well, and with that the initial Quik Swap brand was born,” Will said.

Will likens the functionality of Quik Swap to a combination of Facebook, Tinder, Instagram and eBay.

“We want to make everything as easy as possible, we are trying to simplify life,” said Will.

“We are coming in as the small David vs the big Goliath which is the American operation of eBay that also owns Gumtree.

“This is something that has originated in Queensland, Gold Coast, and at the moment we are all about local, we want the community to get behind what we’re trying to do as an Australian start-up.”

Quik Swap is based on the user’s location so the items closest appear first with the purpose of getting local communities trading and meeting.

The app has also been designed as a social platform that is connected through Facebook, allowing users to access friends’ profiles and create ‘Swap groups’.

“So for example if you have a friend in Sydney that you trust and you’re in love with her pair of Jimmy Choo’s you can send her one of your best unused frocks that she loves and she’ll send you the shoes in exchange,” said Will.

Will said he the app also has an environmental agenda.

“The ultimate vision is to have Quik Swap worldwide so you can take something that you’ve used and instead of sending it to landfill you can swap it with your neighbor,” he said.

“You don’t have to go buy something brand new, because someone else has got it and they’re not even using it.”

Galaxy research commissioned by Gumtree in 2015 found that Australians receive about $630 million worth of unwanted Christmas presents annually.

“One man’s trash is another mans treasure so re-gifting is definitely allowed and encouraged on Quik Swap,” he said.

The App is available on the Apple App Store and is can be download for iOS phones from iTunes by typing in Quik Swap.

The app will also become available on android phones soon, so if you would like to be notified of its release visit to sign up.

The app picks up your location and your friends automatically so you’re ready to get started and upload your first item.

For more information visit


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